Founding Team


Kent Cavender-Bares, CEO

Kent's vision for creating the future of robotic farming starts with the needs of both the plant and the farmer. His driving motivation is to make it easy for farmers to use all of their inputs more efficiently. As CEO, he defines Rowbot's solutions, works with investors, manages operations and charts out IP strategy. He holds a B.S. in agricultural and biological engineering from Cornell, a M.S. in environmental engineering from Stanford, and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from MIT. Prior leadership roles in environmental non-profits. Kent grew up operating and repairing farm equipment. [email, LinkedIn]


Brian Beyer, CTO & COO

Brian has over 15 years experience commercializing robotic systems. At Carnegie Robotics (CRL), he led the effort to win and carry out $23M, Autonomous Mine Detection System EMD contract. Brian also led development of ROWBOT’s advanced prototype, which was a project at CRL. As EVP at CRL, Brian oversaw day-to-day operations, building team from 20 to 70. He's an infantryman with 13 years of service in both the US Marine Corps and Army National Guard. Brian holds a B.S. from the University of South Carolina. [email, LinkedIn]



John Bares, Executive Chairman

Internationally-renowned robotics leader. Past director of NREC at Carnegie Mellon University. John was the founding director of Uber’s Advanced Tech Center (UATC) in Pittsburgh, building the team that logged 1 million self-driving miles. John founded Carnegie Robotics and led it during development of Rowbot’s foundational technology. John also serves as CEO at Carnegie Robotics and holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Carnegie Mellon.

david larose.png

David LaRose, Chief Robotics Scientist

David has over 25 years experience in robotics and computer vision. Previously, he's been involved in commercializing technologies in the biomedical, environmental, military, energy, and agricultural markets. David was involved in the development of ROWBOT’s autonomy technology while it was a project at CRL. David had a key role with Uber’s self-driving car effort. He serves also as Chief Scientist at Carnegie Robotics. David holds a B.S from Brown, and M.S., Ph.D. degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

 From Left: Charlie Bares, Kent Cavender-Bares, and John Bares.

From Left: Charlie Bares, Kent Cavender-Bares, and John Bares.

Rowbot was founded in 2012 by three entrepreneurial brothers. Charlie Bares is a large-scale dairyman and corn grower from NY State. Kent Cavender-Bares is an environmental scientist, who trained as an agricultural engineer and is based in Minnesota. John Bares is a co-founder of Carnegie Robotics, a robotics team that has deep experience designing and manufacturing high-quality products for agriculture and other markets.